The platform is designed following a sample-centered hierarchy, connecting each analysis, result, instrument, to the corresponding sample. However, it is possible to browse by samples, campaign, analysis type (technique) and instruments, by clicking on the appropriate links, as described below.

Sample browsing

By clicking on Samples-> View samples, a list of the available samples in the database will be obtained. It is possible to search for a determined result for any of the fields shown in the table (name, parent sample, preparation, campaign. etc.) by typing a keyword in the search field.

As displayed in Figure 1, the details of the sample are displayed when clicking the eye-shaped icon, while a list with the summary of all the analysis performed on the sample is displayed when clicking the appropriate link.


Figure 1: Sample list in the PTAL DB

Sample details: The sample details (obtained after clicking on the eye-shaped button of the sample) provide all the details of the sample, including the files uploaded as multimedia information (pictures, spectra, etc.). These can be previewed in the explorer, or downloaded to the PC

Analysis summary: Each sample allows accessing a summary of all the analysis and results obtained for this sample.  It is possible to navigate to this information simply by clicking on the Analysis Summary link in the sample browsing view. The overlaid information shows a summary of the results found for the sample (highlighted in the blue box below), providing also access to the analysis details by clicking on the corresponding analysis on the green box. Furthermore, it is possible to navigate to a determined analysis information from the “Open details” link (see Figure 2).


Figure 2: List of analysis performed on the JA08-501 analogue sample (Jaroso, Spain).

Campaign browsing By clicking on the campaign section, a list of the sample gathering campaigns is provided.  In order to see all the samples of a determined campaign, it is possible to obtain this information by searching in the Search Samples view (see Figure 3).


Figure 3: Campaign browsing

Analysis browsing

Analysis browsing: The analysis browsing tab provides access to all the analysis performed on the PTAL samples, including the sample identification together with the data related to the analysis (see Figure 4).


Figure 4: Analysis browse tab

Analysis details: By clicking on the eye-shaped icon, the details of the analysis are overlaid. These provide all the details of the analysis, including the files uploaded for the sample (pictures, spectra, etc.). Also, they can be previewed in the explorer, or downloaded to the PC (see Figure 5).


Figure 5: Analysis details

Spectra and image preview: The capabilities implemented in the PTAL Information System allow the previsualization of the uploaded files related to a sample or analysis (images, spectra). Figure 6 shows an example of the spectra preview. It is possible to zoom in with the mouse (vertical and horizontal band), while it is also possible to export the spectrum as image file (e.g. png).


Figure 6: Spectra preview in the PTAL web