Database / Training

After the collection and characterization of more than 100 natural samples, analogue to planetary surfaces, we have gathered spectral data, and elemental and mineralogical characterization of these samples in an online database available at


There, you will be able to browse through the samples, and/or through data and results from each instrument. Tutorials are present to help you navigate though the website. In addition, a spectral tool, the SpectPro software, is available for download to help you visualize and analyze all PTAL spectral data.

The first time you access, you just need to click on "REGISTER" on the front page of the database website

You can also have a look at the tutorial right here:


You can find a more detailed description there and also on the database once you are connected to it.

In the database, we also provide a spectral processing tool called SpectPro. You can learn more about this tool there