3rd PTAL meeting, 29-31/08/18, Oslo

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3rd PTAL meeting, August 29 to 31

Meeting place: Oslo ZEB building sem Sælands vei 2 at CEED (there will be signs). https://www.uio.no/om/finn-fram/omrader/blindern/bl21/

Participants: Agata, Anniken, Benjamin, Cateline, Fernando, Francois, Guillaume, Helge, Henning, Jesus Medina, Jesus Saiz, Marco, Stephanie

Participation online: Lucie

Dinner guest:  Lorna

August 29

14:00 Welcome etc         Stephanie

WP 5 –     Recent developments and preparation for Review meeting in Brussles (late January)              Stephanie PTAL_teamMJAug2018

WP 1 –     Brief updated on status of sample preparation and evaluation –Oslo (main discussion Thursday and Friday)                                Henning WP 1, HD, 29Aug2018Presentation1

WP 2 –     Development status of the MicrOmega work bench                  Guillaume (Lequertier) MicrOmegaBench_OSLO

WP 1/3 – Brief presentation of recent Nature paper on  Gale site experiments and what PTAL could do better              Agata (Krzesinska)  magnetite_authigenesis

WP 2/3 – Spectral characterization of PTAL samples: NIR measurements and tentative compilation between different techniques         Cateline and François Poulet_Meeting3_Status/Lantz_OsloMeeting

WP 2 –     Updated status on Raman results        Marco PTAL Raman results 2nd batch- Veneranda

WP 2/3 – Results from the Raman data obtained from a PTAL sample (CBIS crater)        Marco PTAL- CBIS Paper-Veneranda

WP 4 –     Presentation for the databases, a preliminary demonstration on how the data can be introduced remotely Jesus Saiz PTAL_WEB_Phase_2_Jesus_Saiz

WP 1 –     Alteration Lab tour      Helge


19:30 Dinner (can go together or as preferred)

August 30

9:30 - 18:00 Discussion and evaluation of samples including population of DB

12:15-14:00 Stephanie Teaching

12:30 -13:30 Lunch break

19:30 PTAL Dinner  at  Solsiden   (https://solsiden.no)

August 31

9:30 – 18:00 Discussion and evaluation of samples including population of DB

12:30 -13:30 Lunch break

19:30 Dinner (in Stephanie’s place for those who are still in town)